Eighteen years may never seem like enough time to prepare our children for the real world. But a healthy release and blessing is necessary for them to fully transition into adulthood. Through the video series College Ready, we equip parents and their graduating students for this next stage of life at college or in the workplace.


CELEBRATION AND BLESSING  This milestone ceremony is celebrated on Senior Sunday when the parents are given the opportunity to bless, affirm, call up, and pray over their sons/daughters while releasing them into adulthood.
FREEDOM  It is essential that parents see their role as one that is shifting from coach (someone who gives direction and influence into the big picture) to consultant (someone who provides advice and insight) and begin to approach their son or daughter in a way that allows them freedom to be an adult.
CONTINUED CHURCH CONNECTION  It is important for graduates to maintain their dedication to attending church. This can be difficult as they no longer have an organized youth group to lean on. Help your graduate find a healthy church and regularly consult with them about their experience at church. This is a good opportunity for mentors to continue to stay connected as well.