The transition from childhood to adolescence can be awkward and difficult to navigate for preteens and parents. We believe this time should be celebrated and embraced. A Milestone Class will be offered for parents of 5th & 6th graders to prepare you for this season. All parents will also be encouraged to purchase Passport2Purity and take their sons/daughters on a weekend away. This will culminate when parents lead a milestone ceremony on or near their child’s 12th or 13th birthday. Luke 2:52


PASSPORT2PURITY  This is an audio series, meant to be listened to on a meaningful weekend away that leads a discussion for a parent and their preteen through adolescence, purity, sex, and peer pressure.
CONTINUED CONNECTION  Adolescents begin fighting for their independence but still desperately need heart-to-heart connection with their parents. Date nights with your teen, family meal times, and intentional connection must be priorities. Parents must set healthy boundaries regarding digital media, including smartphones.
TIME ALONE WITH GOD  When time alone with God is modeled by parents, this practice becomes more natural to pass on to their children. We encourage parents to model this, teach their children how to be alone with God, and create opportunities for their children to spend time alone with God.
SERVING TOGETHER  This age group needs to start demonstrating what they are learning through serving. Our ministries are set up to provide you with opportunities to serve in our community and in overseas missions. It will be important for you and your student to serve side-by-side.