Parents prayerfully await the time when their child has made the decision to declare Jesus their Lord and Savior and be baptized for the forgiveness of their sins. We recognize this milestone will occur at different times for each individual. Therefore, this is a "floating" milestone meaning this milestone will be celebrated at various times based on the decision of your child. The ceremony will be the baptism of your child. We will offer insight into the perfect opportunity for your family and friends to join you as you celebrate your child’s Spiritual Birthday (i.e. party, special dinner, etc.) and time of blessing.


BEFORE BAPTISM  Grace Crossing offers a study guide that you and your child can use to confidently understand baptism. This study guide follows the biblical understanding we at Grace Crossing hold regarding this extremely important step in life. If desired, a minister will walk through this study with you and your child.
NEW BIBLE  As your child grows in his or her understanding of God’s word, the gift a new Bible will help encourage your child to continue to read and learn. With the gift of the Holy Spirit, they will have new and exciting opportunities to allow the Word of God to shape their lives.
AFTER BAPTISM  It is important that baptism is not seen as the end goal, but the beginning of a lifelong journey. Continue to pursue the milestone your child is working toward. Along the way, remind your child of the commitment he or she made and point them toward understanding how that decision should always shape their worldview.



  • Grace Crossing Study Guide


  • Please consult the Children’s Family Minister or Youth Family Minister for recommendations for age appropriate Bible options