In light of Deuteronomy 6 and Psalm 127, parents dedicate themselves, their child, and their home to the Lord in front of the church. A special Sunday will be reserved for this dedication along with an opportunity for the church to bless the family. Prior to the dedication, we will invite you to attend a Milestone Class that prepares you for that day, instructs you in your role at home, and gives you ways to lead your family with Jesus at the center.


BEDTIME BIBLE STORIES  Use this time of settling into bed to read Bible stories to your child, discuss God’s character as he reveals himself through each story, and help your child understand who God is. As your child grows in his or her ability to communicate, you can introduce simple Bible verses with motions to help him or her memorize God’s word.
DAILY PRAYERS  As soon as possible, teach your child to communicate throughout the day with God during mealtimes, drive times, bedtime, etc. Frequent simple sentence prayers will teach your child at an early age that we can depend on God for everything and talk to him about anything.
GRACE-FILLED DISCIPLINE  Grace-filled discipline is correction without anger. It does not crush a child’s spirit and brings a deeper connection between the parent and child. Unfortunately, parents who do not proactively study this type of discipline usually revert to disciplining in anger, disciplining without logic, or not disciplining at all.